iOS 11 Update: What’s In Store for iOS App Developers?

iOS 11 Update: What’s In Store for iOS App Developers?

July 12, 2020 Off By Michael

Each year Apple shows the latest edition of iOS in its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). Apple has scheduled it’s WWDC 2017 in June. The company is expected to showcase iOS 11 at its next annual developer conference. But many bloggers, program developers, and market analysts have already started imagining the modifications Apple would include in the next version of its mobile operating systems. Dependent on the news stories and blogs posted on different sites the programmers can gather information regarding the rumoured characteristics of iOS 11. Each news story or blog further describes the rumoured characteristics of iOS 10 based on information gathered from various sources.

7 Rumored Features Apple may Include in iOS 11

1) iCloud Voicemail

At present, iCloud Voicemail is in the beta phase. But Apple is expected to comprise iCloud Voicemail formally in iOS 10. The feature aims to bridge the difference between emails and voicemails. Consumers can make the most of iCloud Voicemail to send and receive voicemails more efficiently. At precisely the same time, the feature will enable them to browse the transcribed message simply by tapping on a button. Hence, the users are now able to receive messages without even studying their voicemails.

2) Improved Maps App

The upcoming version of iOS can come with an updated and redesigned Maps App. Apple uses a fleet of drones to produce the redesigned Maps App provide more relevant direction and information to customers. It further enhances the maps service drastically by using the indoor navigation attributes. The staff at Apple will collect a variety of information – if a street is under construction, changes made to a street, and the street signs – fast and efficiently based on the information accumulated through drones. They will further incorporate the updated information in the Maps App continuously to provide more relevant and updated information for users.

3) New Video Sharing Program

Apple may make it much easier for users to share videos by adding a new social networking app in iOS 10. The social media program will help Apple to contend with popular social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat. In addition to allowing users to record and edit movies, the brand new video-sharing app will also enable them to use filters and drawings to the video clip. The consumers will have the choice to split the video clips with their buddies through popular social websites. Apple has further included several advanced features in the video-sharing program to enable users to record, edit, and discuss video clips in under 1 minute.

4) Dark Mode

Apple has already included dark mode in iOS 10. However, the consumers lack the choice to enable dim mode while utilizing iOS 10. IOS 11 enables users to empower darkened mode on their iPhones or iPads like Apple TV.

5) Siri with Natural Sounding Voice

Every new version of iOS includes a better Siri. The upgraded version of Siri helps users to perform specific tasks and gather pertinent information through voice commands. IOS 11 is expected to come with an updated Siri that sound more natural. Hence, the users will feel as interacting with human beings while using the updated version of Siri. The users can take advantage of the attribute to toggle between both light background and dark background.

6) Choice to Check Availability of Contacts

Based on a patent application filed by Apple, many analysts think that iOS 11 allows consumers to assess if a contact is available or not. The feature will further enable the consumer to identify the current location of contact and the operating status of his apparatus. Apple can further simplify the process of checking the availability of contact by embedding these details into the Contacts App.

7) Group Facetime Calls

At present, Facetime supports one-on-one video calls. Hence, users often use third-party apps like Skype and Facebook Messenger to set up group video chats. Apple is expected to release iOS 11 using an improved version of Facetime which will enable users to make group video calls. The updated version of Facetime may allow users to make calls to five users simultaneously. However, the users will still have the choice to share their screens with different users.